Delia Rose Quinn

For the discerning gentleman,

     Have you ever seen her? You all know the one... the buttoned up, all business, co-worker about whom you have had at least one (or several), naughty boardroom to bedroom fantasies? Look no further, as I am that same woman, and yes, the red hair doesn't lie. Underneath the cool exterior, I am still all business, but my business is solely focused on ensuring you have an unforgettable experience. With me, you get the total package, well educated, well traveled, and well versed in the arts of pleasure; the total girlfriend experience. However, I am just as comfortable at the ball park, as I am in a ball gown, so anywhere or anything you desire, the sky is the limit. Let me fulfill that boardroom fantasy you've been harboring, something about a lady in the streets...

Considerations: $250 Hour 

July 2020

I heard some very nice things about Delia, and fell in love with the picture of her in that lavender dress. Those eyes, and that cute little smile - and, I was completely delighted upon meeting her in person. Her place was clean, comfortable, and classy. I really enjoyed getting to know her. She was a little bit nervous at first, which I thought was very cute. She was very friendly, considerate, and open minded. She has a very interesting background, she is very intelligent, and fun to talk to. And, those eye - yeah, completely beautiful. I would highly recommend taking the steps to get to know her, and enjoy her company. I would say that our time together was the most incredible first encounter that I have ever experienced - and, that’s a bar that was placed pretty high. Plan on taking some time to get to know her - treat her right, you’ll be completely happy that you did. I’d say that she is head and shoulders above most any other provider that you’ll ever come across.

June 2020

I’ve never written a review before. Ever! So here goes Delia is a delight. She is exactly as pictures shown - lovely with fair skin and red hair. She is fairly new to this but treats you like a professional. Initial communication was prompt with a playful warmth. She even asked if I had any special attire requests — something that no companion has ever asked of me. Communication was discreet & timely including up to appointment time The in-call location is a trendy modern upscale place - very comfortable & discreet. Meeting Delia was a joy because she asks what you’d like & transitioning to it with warmth & passion. When she’s in position, her eyes were mesmerizing that you didn’t dare look away. And if you are lucky, you can see yourself & her in the large mirror opposite end of the bed. She kisses deeply, tastes sweet & lovely to be with. Aside from the delights, Delia is educated & well travelled.I enjoyed conversing with her & listening to her music playlist