"I felt like a god must feel when your life is perfect and bliss is all you see and feel."

~Excerpt from testimonial~

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Nestled in the bosom of the Sierras, there is relief from the daily grind.


Someone there only when you need them.


Someone to listen with rapt attention, relieve your stresses, offer sound advice, understand what you need even before you do, and allow you time to forget about everything else.


That person exists right here. For I’m an intuitive goddess with extraordinary skills honed through diverse experiences.


I am a skillful purveyor of passion, an independent paramour unlike any other you’ll ever find, and someone with whom you can explore your hobby safely.


My charms and talents are many. I’m a very specialized counselor, with many well-trained associates available as your needs arise. Clients repeatedly find that phenomenal successes and luck come into their lives after working with me.


Let me be your confidante, your secret escape from the demands of your busy life.

I am equally skillful at being a companion able to impress your colleagues at an event.

Don’t worry, the weight of the world will still be there when you return to it, but it

will feel exponentially lighter. The reason why will be our little secret.


My Discretion Would Be Legendary.

If I ever discussed a word about my clients. Ever. With anyone.


Contact me right now to learn all of the exciting and exquisite ways we can make your world a better place.


You'll be very glad you did.




  • Minimum donation starts at $500 payable in cash, prepaid cards, venmo or paypal. You can use the DONATE button at the bottom of the screen as well.

  • Trips to Tahoe and other beautiful outlying areas of Northern Nevada start at $800

  • Multiple hours and overnights are negotiable please text or email me.

  • Fly Me To You (FMTY) starts at $3000. This does not include first class flights and appropriate accommodations. I prefer to make my own travel plans and a deposit will be required.

  • Unlike other providers I enjoy healthy business negotiation, if you are so inclined please text/email me.



I love surprise gifts as much as the next girl. Anything that appeals to my sensual nature will make me think of you , and I will graciously treasure your gifts forever. Thank you for thinking of me. ~xoxo Olivia

Pictures of Olivia LaRue

I do so relish getting my picture taken. I love to play dress up and take self portraits. Here are a selection of self portraits, amateur and professional photographs. Enjoy!

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